3 Surprising Office Productivity Theories

It’s been said many times, but great office productivity is the golden chalice that many business owners work towards. As such, we’re always trying to find ways to boost productivity and work to our most effective and collectively businesses have found a variety of ways to help their employees work to the absolute best of their abilities. Amongst the more accepted thoughts in the industry, some surprising theories also emerge.

Social Media Increases Productivity

Perhaps the most surprising theory that we discovered was the thought that social media actually increases productivity. This really works against the more accepted view that social media can have a negative, draining effect on workplace productivity. Obviously, the suggestion that spending hours organising personal lives is a useful way of boosting productivity is quite farfetched. However, this theory suggests that the occasional browse on Facebook or Twitter can help to refresh minds and get staff back to their best and most productive.

Office Temperature Affects Mood

According to research, high and low office temperatures can make a difference to the mood of staff in the office. If the office is ice cold in the morning when you first walk in, it is hard to settle down and get to work quickly when you’re focusing on trying to get warm. Research also suggests that cold temperatures can amplify feelings of unhappiness and loneliness, which can be further detrimental to productivity. Equally, warm temperatures can have wholly negative affects, making workers feel sluggish.

Admin Is Fun

This theory suggests that office workers enjoy completing admin tasks. Generally, those non urgent admin tasks that we all have, get placed on the end of the to-do list for the day so can easily be forgotten and piles up. Clearing some of this pile can be extremely therapeutic, and everyone should take some time each week to work on their backlog. Research has in fact found that many office employees find admin work to actually be quite fun. What is abundantly clear is that we all have different ways of boosting our own productivity within the working environment, some may be myths, others may work for certain people, but the theories never fail to surprise us. Do you have any office productivity tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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