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London & Zurich delivered the level of automation we needed in a streamlined, cost-effective package.

Mark Prendergast

An automated recurring payment solution for this rapidly growing software company.

Neterian is a relatively new company, having started trading in 2012, but the business is growing at a considerable rate.

Neterian is a simple, powerful, online subscription-based software solution, which combines traditional CRM functionality and business intelligence tools to update sales performance and forecasting in real-time via a simple dashboard. Neterian is designed to increase the accuracy, efficiency and visibility of sales tracking data across your business.

The challenge facing Neterian

Neterian’s subscription model would have meant collecting recurring monthly payments from its customer base manually. This would have involved a huge amount of admin as the business was expected to grow at a rate of knots and it would have been hard enough to process payments from existing customers, let alone the new subscribers they would add each month.

It was decided that an automated payment collection solution would be needed before taking the product to market.

Enter London & Zurich…

Why London & Zurich?

Neterian looked at all the available payment processing solutions and found London & Zurich’s payment automation suite superior to the competition.

Neterian’s desired level of integration & automation required a specific solution, which London & Zurich were able to provide. Cost was also a key factor.

Having worked with a number of I.T. companies and software vendors over the years, we’re well versed in the regulatory requirements of this sector and were able to provide a fully compliant payment solution – which is the number one priority for many of their B2B customers.

This gave the Neterian management team confidence that their business was underpinned by a robust, secure payment service.

The solution

We provided an API which communicates seamlessly with Neterian’s system to control the end-to-end sign up process, including a credit check, bank account check and the monthly collection amount, all in one.

We worked hard to ensure Neterian had this solution in place prior to launching, so the first customer was on-boarded and processed completely automatically. The time-consuming and awkward nature of chasing payments was removed, providing a smooth, professional payment process to build the business upon.

London & Zurich developed a bespoke system for Neterian and supported them throughout the deployment process. The biggest benefit has been the peace of mind a secure recurring payment solution provides to Neterian’s customers. Customer acquisition is now a fully automated process, so the Neterian team can focus on running the business and taking it from strength to strength.

Neterian’s director, Mark Prendergast, had this to say:

“London & Zurich delivered the level of automation we needed in a streamlined, cost-effective package. I know the London & Zurich team care about the security and operational efficiency of my business as much as I do, which means I no longer need to worry about the collection of customer subscriptions. We have an excellent working relationship and everything worked perfectly from the start, so no complaints.”

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