How To Advertise Just As Well For Half The Cost

1. Head Online

Buying advertising space in demographic-suitable publications (or on billboards etc.) may be a relatively straightforward, measurable and predictable way to generate leads and custom, but it’s also very costly and rapidly becoming outdated.

As more and more of us head online for our magazines and newspapers, traditional print media is losing its power as an advertising tool. This makes it even more expensive as sponsors desert publications and head for the web.

So, join the migration and start looking at smarter, more affordable ways to reach your target audience online. Whether you opt for paid advertising (for fast results) Search Engine Optimization (SEO – for a slow, very beneficial burn) or a careful balance of the two – your budget is likely to thank you.

2. PR not Paid

If you are keen to stay in print (especially if you have an older demographic), make the switch from paying for advertising space to taking on the services of an outsourced PR expert. They’ll be able to get you into print and into online publications too in much more dynamic ways (including good press news stories), quite possibly for less money.

3. Get Social

Whether you take on a savvy (free) intern, spend an evening each fortnight interacting and scheduling posts with HootSuite, add to an employee’s role or outsource your social media – you need to get on it.

Social media is an incredibly cheap way to get your name out there, announce discounts and promotions, grow your reputation, interact with your target market and build your brand. Do it right and you’ll get a lot of interest for precious few pennies – but don’t scrimp on investing time and resources to get it right.

4. Choose the Right Outsourcer

For your big, flashy promotional shots you’re going to need a great professional photographer to shoot your offering in the perfect light. For publicity shots or images for newsletters. Don’t have just one photographer, writer, PR expert, social media person on call, build up a bank of contacts with a range of skills, fees and abilities to ensure you’re not paying over the odds.

5. Make New Product Press Releases

Press releases for new products are the most cost-effective form of marketing when it comes to generating leads. Write, print and distribute your press released to as many trade journals as you can find contact details for, include your release on the “press” section of your website too and make sure it incorporates plenty of keywords which people interested in what you do are likely to search for.

How have you cut your marketing budget without losing leads? Share your ideas and experiences with our readers below. 

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