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Direct Debit Collection Services

We take the headache out of collecting payments by managing and facilitating Direct Debit transactions between your customers and your business.

London & Zurich has over two decades of expertise in helping businesses collect customer payments more efficiently and streamline their operations to reduce time and costs. Our Direct Debit (DD) management portal makes setting up and managing DD payments simple. We also offer SUNs (Service User Numbers), Online signup solution and an SMS message service.

Whether you’re new to DD collections or switching from another provider, we’re on hand to answer your questions.


Set up direct debits for customers

Our fair and flexible payment options ensure you can get the best available rate to fit your business needs.


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    What makes the London & Zurich and Aims Accountants partnership special?

    Bespoke Pricing

    All franchisees will be given access to partnership pricing at a highly competitive market rate.

    Excellent Customer Service

    Our customer service team provide a high standard of support that you can rely on for all your needs.

    Online Direct Debit signup form

    Access a branded online form enabling paperless setup for new direct debit customers.

    Direct Debit Management Portal

    All franchisees can setup, track and reconcile DD collections autonomously.

    Branded Service User Number

    You'll get a branded SUN to help with reporting, brand reinforcement, and reduce accidental DD cancellations.

    Direct Debit Portal Training

    All franchisees will have access to 1.5 hours training on the system to ensure success from day 1.

    Set up Direct Debits with ease

    Easy to learn, simple to use

    New Portal design

    Our Direct Debit portal helps you set up and manage recurring payments, monitor payment activity, and access payment reports so you can save time and money.

    Learn more about London & Zurich

    With two decades of industry expertise, we have the backing, infrastructure and business leverage to offer you a personalised Direct Debit payment service you can trust.

    About us

    Want to know more about Direct Debits?

    We have a wealth of guidance and advice on Direct Debits, why they're great for businesses and how they can be used for maximum effect. Check out our learning resources.

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