Avoiding the New Year Price Hikes

Many of us use New Year as the impetus to evaluate where we are currently and set new goals to get us where we want to be, both personally and with regard to our business. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and once we’re there it can feel comfortable. Change takes effort and can feel uncomfortable, and yet it so often turns out to be for the better.

As well as making our own changes come the New Year we often find that others, including suppliers, are looking to do the same. These might benefit us, too, but at times the knock-on effect of what they deem to be good for them can be less good for us.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to price hikes. If you’ve already completed financial projections for the coming year, then news of a price hike is unwelcome. However, you must take the time to recalculate based on the increased costs and see just how much a fee increase will cost you over the year. It might be more than you are prepared to pay and could herald the time to seek a new supplier.

If you allow clients to pay you by card or Direct Debit and use a service provider to handle those transactions on your behalf, then the news that some of the bigger providers have increased their fees will not be welcome. Indeed, some merchants have expressed their concerns online.

It’s not just a one-off problem, either; as you grow your business, you will acquire more clients who want to pay by card or DD and so your costs will keep on going up.

London & Zurich have been helping businesses collect payments for over twenty years. Our prices are competitive and our service is first-class – both are things on which we pride ourselves.

Direct Debit is a payment method that is not only convenient and secure for you and your customers, it also helps increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and streamlines your collection process. With DDs you are in charge, and that also helps your cash flow. L&Z are experts when it comes to DDs, and we can work with you to devise a bespoke package that meets your needs perfectly.

If your current payments service provider isn’t giving you the service you demand at the price you expect to pay, maybe it’s time to make a change for the better. Switching is straightforward, as My HR Toolkit discovered.

“We moved over from GoCardless and the transition was very smooth and straightforward. The team at London & Zurich have been incredibly helpful and are only a phone call away. Overall we are incredibly happy with the level of service we have received to help grow our business.”

– Bob Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director, My HR Toolkit

Interested in knowing more about how we could help you? Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the benefits of working together.


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