How to Cut Office Costs with Cashback

1. Cashback

At London & Zurich we love surprising people with just how much setting up Direct Debit for small business clients can save enterprises. But it’s not the only way to cut back on costs in the office. In our regular “frugal business” feature, we investigate additional ways to trim back on spending and make your SME as cost-effective as possible.

Last month, we took a look at smart ways to save energy in the office. Today we’ll be exploring how much you could save by using cash back when you buy office supplies, furniture and equipment…

What is online cash back?

If you haven’t come across the concept of online cash back before, it’s relatively simple. Essentially:

  • You sign up for an account with a cash back site
  • You do your online shopping as usual but…
  • When you get to the checkout point – stop!
  • Open up your cash back account and search for the company you are about to buy from
  • If you’re in luck, you’ll see a range of deals, discounts and cash back amounts
  • Select the cash back offer you want to use (this should take you to your purchasing site)
  • Buy your item/s in this window
  • You’ll receive the amount of cash back you selected, deposited in your cash back account

Why use cash back for businesses?

This is currently a Big Thing for online shoppers but isn’t being utilized by many businesses. Yet, if you’re planning to spend a lot of money on online orders, signing up for cash back could really pay off. It’s a slightly fiddly process, but choose the right deals at the right time and you could earn back hundreds (even thousands) of pounds over the course of a business year.

One word to the wise, however, if you have existing relationships with suppliers, don’t be tempted to ditch them for a one time only cash back deal. In the long run, you’ll probably save more sticking with your trusted supplier. This type of saving is usually best for one-off purchases such as printers and furniture.

Where can I get cash back for office supplies?

There are many cash back sites out there, but the two biggest and most reputable websites in the UK are:

  • QuidCo

Viking, Wickes, The Works, you name it, QuidCo offer discount codes and cash back amounts (right up to 11%) for a huge number of big, office supplying brands. Take a look at their well-stocked Office & Business section to find your next great saving.

  • Top CashBack The Post Office, myParcelDelivery, Rymans, again, the Top Cash back website is full of cash back opportunities which could mean good savings for your business. There’s no need to settle on just one cash back site, however. Play the field to find the best deals.

Do you make use of cash back in your business? How much have you managed to save? Do you have any penny-pinching business tips of your own? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

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