Direct Debit Management System

Direct Debit for businesses with their own SUN

A powerful Direct Debit Management System (DDMS)

Our modern DDMS offers a full Direct Debit suite for businesses with their own Service User Number (SUN).

Combining CRM and FM features, our DDMS helps with reconciliation and accounting, and includes an advanced reporting suite and a scheduling tool, letting you set up collections in advance so there’s one less thing to remember.

To setup, we just need to attach your SUN to our bureau, and we take care of the entire setup. To enquire, click here.

6 great reasons to use our DDMS


One platform for DDMS and Bacs reports

Our portal updates your records automatically so you can manage failed payments without needing additional Bacs software


Powerful integrated CRM

The L&Z platform is one of the only DDMS that also has CRM features to make your life easier


Same functionality with your own SUN

We'll provide you all the functionality as a standard DD customer, but through your own Service User Number


Automatic notices

Our intelligent DDMS, automatically sends an advance notice to your customers when you change a payment date


Advanced reporting

Reporting tools give you the advantage and makes reconciliation, accounting and setting up collection schedules much easier


Bacs approved

Our DDMS validates bank account data and passes Bacs rules to maintain your eligibility to collect Direct Debits

save money with direct debit

Direct Debit helps you spend less and earn more

Our easy to use portal makes collecting Direct Debit payments easier, cheaper and faster, with powerful tools including our reporting suite and bulk upload functions.

The benefits of choosing London and Zurich:

Powerful DDMS

Easily amend payments, check customer details, and get reports to understand your cash flow

Flat Fee

We can bill you a flat fee based on a pence price per DD transaction

Best price

L&Z can offer the most competitive price for DDMS in the market

Personal customer service

We believe having a real person to talk to is always best, and make sure someone is always available to help

Commercial Bureau

To use our Commercial Bureau you must either already have a paperless SUN or undertake an AUDDIS migration.

Upload DD files to Bacs

We also offer the option to upload files directly into our system and submit them to the Bacs network via our Commercial Bureau.

This lets you create your Bacs standard 18 files and upload them to our portal, where we reconfigure and map them into bacs-ready files and submit those on your behalf.

If you’re creating your Bacs files already and paying your bank to submit the files, this could be a great way to spend less on each transaction.

Setting up with us is quick and easy

Sales people are here to assist your move to Direct Debits. Complete our pricing form to get an instant quote, and a follow up from a real person – no robots involved!

We’ll help you get on with what you do best – running your business and providing your service – knowing that payments will arrive exactly when they should.

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