Direct Debit Services for Charities

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Keeping regular donations coming in is vital to the lifeblood of a charity. We can help you streamline payments for your donors and take the hassle out of giving to a good cause.

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Our fair and flexible payment options ensure you can get the best available rate to fit your organisation needs.

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The benefits of working with us

  • Bespoke pricing tailored to your organisation
  • Transaction fees on % or pence
  • Branded Service User Number
  • Free online signup forms
  • Gross settlement of collections
  • Faster Payments for 2-day settlement


Get paid on time, every time

At London & Zurich, we have worked hard to ensure our Direct Debit processing system is straightforward for all our customers, whether they are setting up a new Direct Debit or managing an existing account.

Direct Debit enables you to get paid promptly and quickly, without any hassles. So, instead of chasing donations, you can dedicate more time to running your organisation.

With us, you can expect:

  • A straightforward set-up process
  • Secure and easy to use online portal
  • 24/7 access
  • Quick payment turnaround time
  • Fair and Flexible Pricing

How we have helped other organisations:

London & Zurich provide the Eden Project with a fast, reliable, safe and easy way of collecting Direct Debits that allows us to put our resources to best use.
Eden Project

Eden Project

Rose Cashman-Pugsley,

Membership Manager

When we came across London & Zurich, it was clear they had a great reputation for providing Direct Debit services to many businesses.


Ben Speare,


The support provided by the customer and technical team was excellent. It is clear that London & Zurich are a company that focuses on the integrity of their service throughout all their departments.


Mark Prendergast,

Co-owner & Finance Director

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