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Sending SMS messages to your customers as part of your direct debit collections process is a great way to reduce failed payments.

It’s efficient, simple to set up and use and has an immediate impact on payment collections.

What does SMS messaging offer?

SMS alerts are sent to customer contacts to inform them that a direct debit payment will be taken within the next 3 days. This enables them to ensure the appropriate funds are available, avoiding failed payments and providing your business with improved collections.

  • Connect easily with your customers
  • Send advance notification of collections
  • Remind them of when payments are due

With 90%+ read rates, SMS messaging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

The smarter way to collect more Direct debit revenue


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We complete the technical set-up and create the SMS messages. You add customer numbers to your customer records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

2 days prior to the payment being collected from customer’s bank account they will receive the text.
The text messages are sent 2 days prior to the collection to the customer. Therefore, the SMS charges will be applied on the day of the collections and will be shown in your next month’s bill.
If there is a phone number in our system and a payment is due, the text message will be sent. To ensure a text message is not sent to particular customers, you will need to ensure the phone number is removed from our system.
After logging into the L&Z portal, click on ‘Direct Debits’ in the top menu. An option for ‘SMS’ will be listed. Once you have selected 'SMS, click ‘Pre-collection notification SMS’. You will see reference numbers for all customers that SMS were sent to and the status.
No. The message template is an industry standard template that has been created by following strict GDPR guidelines. Therefore, the template cannot be changed.
No. Customer will receive the text but there will not be an option to reply back.
Yes. An SMS message can have a header name with up to 11 characters including spaces, special characters or numbers. For example, SBPPLUMBING.