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Our New Portal is live

It’s been completely updated based on customer feedback – we’ve added features, improved processes, and overhauled the design.

To log in to the new portal, use your current login details and click the link below:

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The portal has a new look

New Portal design

It's easier than ever to find your way around and utilise features

We've added loads of new features:

New side menu for easy navigation - Fast and flexible customer searching - Create reports with one click - Keep track of gross settlement - Bulk upload collection schedules with excel

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Wondering how to use the New Portal?

We've created a support area to help you get the most out of the new portal. There's some handy video tutorials, an FAQ page and a comprehensive PDF guide.

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Here’s what people are saying:

Why switch?

We’ve streamlined our system and added the functionality you needed most. There’s many new features designed to make your life easier:

No data transfer needed

You don't have to transfer any customer data, just switch to the new portal and you’re all set

Easily bulk upload Collection Schedules

Now you can upload collection schedules for all your customers in one go using a CSV file

Get instant reports

It’s easier than ever to create reports on: Failed Collections; Collection Schedules; Schedules Near Completion; Indemnity Claims; and more

Set up DDIs quickly

You can find customer information and add DDIs faster: Use our new Postcode Lookup and Account Number Modulus Checking features


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