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The majority of our customers are already benefitting from the improved file upload tool.

You should start using the improved file upload feature now in the latest portal before it’s switched off on the 31st January.

Here’s how to get started

Simply access the latest portal using the button below and log in with your existing username and password.  All data is automatically transferred. There’s no admin required.


Improved user experience


When you move to the latest portal you will benefit from the much improved file upload functionality with some fantastic new features and benefits:


Extended upload times

You now have until 12.00am (midnight) to upload your files.

File History

Historic timeline of files uploaded available when required.

Real time validation errors

Highlighting to you any required corrections in the file meaning you can take immediate action, avoiding delays.

No pre-processing emails

You will no longer receive this email post file upload as the information is available in file history.

Live customer uploads

Only ‘live’ customers will be uploaded for collection, meaning you will no longer receive an email with unprocessed lines.

File deletion

If the file has been uploaded in error, you can log in and delete the file up to 3 days before collection.

File upload within the latest portal is super easy!


To upload a file within the latest portal, the steps are quick and easy: :

  • Click ‘Direct Debit‘ at the top of the screen
  • Click on ‘collections‘ on the left hand side
  • Go into ‘Upload collections
  • Either download file format to populate the information, click on download file format with customers (live customers only) or upload a .csv file you have already produced and saved on your computer.


How to add collection schedules


Supporting you with the latest portal

We have a number of resources available, all of which can help you be as efficient as possible when using our latest portal.

Check out our support page.

When you move to the latest portal you will also benefit from



Easy-navigate menu (great for new users)

Upload your collection schedules in bulk

5 brand new report types

Payments tracked as gross settlement


Get started now


Frequently Asked Questions

File upload functionality will be removed from our legacy portal on 31st January. Everything else in the legacy portal will remain unchanged..
Yes. File upload will be removed from the legacy portal on 31st Januaryso in order continue using our file upload tool, you will need to move to the latest portal. But there are lots of other great reasons to switch. The latest portal offers the best user experience and latest functionality as well as the most up to date L&Z software. It's very easy to use and we've made it super easy to switch with all your data ready in the portal as soon as you log in.
Simply access the latest portal with the URL on this page and log in with your existing username and password. All data is automatically transferred from the legacy portal. There's no admin required.
We have a number of resources available, all of which can help you be as efficient as possible when using our portal. Check out our support page for more information : www.londonandzurich.co.uk/new-portal-support-area. You can find helpful tutorial videos and an extensive guide to walk you through the features. And of course, we're always on hand to help so just get in touch if you have any questions.


If you have a question or would like to speak to one of the team, we’d be happy to help.