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Does your business deal with clients who also have multiple customers all making regular payments? Have you seen how Direct Debits and card payments have transformed your business and think your clients would benefit too?

It’s worth talking to us about our referrals and partner scheme. Many of our clients are helping their customers’ businesses, as well as their own, with our card payment and Direct Debit systems.

Partnering with London & Zurich places you firmly at the centre of your clients’ payments and collections, positioning you as a key facilitator in improving their business.

You and your business will become part of a growing network, as well as reaping all the benefits.

Learn more about the benefits below.

Partner benefits


Safe referral

Your clients will value your consultative approach if you can refer them to a trusted partner who can help their business.



We know that the revenue share is not the main driver to help clients take advantage of our systems, but we do offer rewards.



You’ll have access to our knowledge on Bacs, the banking network and payment solutions, which you’ll be able to leverage with clients.


Improved process

When your clients are using cutting-edge technology too, you know things will run much smoother between you.

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Our team is on hand to discuss our partner and referral scheme in more detail or answer any questions you may have.

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    Why do our clients refer?

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    Being able to offer your clients access to our banking network, payment solutions expertise, Bacs knowledge and more could improve your client trust, customer retention and your reputation, all of which are valuable assets in the growth of your business.

    Relationships and trust

    Referring another business to us, or acting as a facilitator to sign them up to our services, is a big trust signal. You’ll want your clients to feel safe with your advice, and we’ll be sure to follow up all introductions in a prompt and professional manner.

    Efficient and reliable

    We’re able to deliver against a clear SLA, enabling a fast and efficient payment collection process as well as reliable integration with your financial software and unrivalled access to data through our online portal and central reporting suite.

    It doesn’t take a minute…

    Referring our services to a business you deal with doesn’t have to be lengthy process – it can be as simple as passing on a card and saying someone will be in touch. It might not be something that’s always on your mind when you speak to them, but further down the line you might wish you’d mentioned us sooner!

    Here to answer your questions

    If you think we could have something to offer each other, feel free to email us at and one of our friendly team will respond as soon as possible.

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