How Start-Ups Can Set Up Recurring Payments

Today, increasing numbers of start-ups require recurring billing solutions, particularly in the rapidly-growing software-as-a-service (Saas) and fintech sectors. Regular automated payments are essential for helping companies maintain their cash flow; with a set amount collected each month, it eradicates late payments and ensures businesses can continue to grow.

Customer confidence is essential when setting up a recurring payment plan; any complications are likely to raise concerns about data security. An integrated Direct Debit payment solution can instil trust with customers while allowing you to introduce recurring billing and keep on top of your financial management.

Keep payments secure

Building customer confidence is paramount for any business, especially a start-up. With customers committing to regular payments, it’s important that customers have total trust in any Direct Debit solution. To ensure the safety of your customers’ information, a safe and PCI-compliant billing solution is the way forward.

At London & Zurich we are serious about security. Our client accounts are fully secured and ring-fenced, and every aspect of our business is protected by UK laws and regulations. This ensures that your start-up accounts and more importantly, your customers will never be compromised.

Customer data management

Subscription-based start-ups can gain a large number of users very quickly; making it easy to lose track of customer records. With a recurring billing solution, you can keep on top of your sign-ups and personal payment plans. We make this easy with our integrated API (Application Programming Interface), which allows you to review all of your Direct Debit customers and their regular payments.

Customer communication

Cash flow is an obvious problem for start-ups, and it can be impeded by a lack of customer communication. Both you and the customer need to be informed quickly if a Direct Debit  payment has failed to ensure that the payment is made.

It is essential that your customers know when their money has been paid and received, ensuring greater trust between both parties. With a London & Zurich payment solution, you will be instantly notified if a Direct Debit transaction has not been successful, with the API acting as a hub for customer communication.

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