Is Your Sponsoring Bank Retiring Your Service User Number?

Many businesses often find it challenging to set up Direct Debit payments with their bank. In fact, some banks have recently withdrawn sponsorship on SUNs (Service User Numbers), the unique six-digit number that businesses must obtain to collect payments via Direct Debit.

Other challenges that businesses face when trying to obtain a SUN from their bank include the need to meet the minimum turnover requirements, not to mention the lengthy administration and activation process which can take up to ten days.

How Can London & Zurich Help?

London & Zurich is a Bacs-approved facilities management provider and have enabled many growing businesses to collect Direct Debit payments. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are the experts when it comes to Direct Debit. We believe in providing our clients with a tailored Direct Debit service that enables your business to operate efficiently.

Migrating or Transferring Your SUN

We can transfer ownership of your SUN to enable London & Zurich to make collections on your behalf, therefore granting your business access to Direct Debit with minimal fuss. We’ll walk you through the whole migration process and make it as painless as possible. Moreover, we have an award-winning UK-based customer service team that will be on hand to help whenever you need it.

Best of all, you won’t need to get your clients to sign up again; we’ll migrate over each Direct Debit instruction to keep your collections going.


My bank is withdrawing sponsorship of my SUN. What do I do?

If your bank is withdrawing sponsorship of your SUN, we can help by migrating your SUN to London & Zurich or migrating over the existing Direct Debit Instructions.

Can you provide a SUN for me?

Yes, we can. If we can’t transfer ownership of your existing SUN to London & Zurich, we can set up one of our own SUNs and migrate your existing Direct Debit Instructions over.

Will I have to sign up my customers to Direct Debit all over again?

If we complete the transfer of SUN Ownership or Migration of Direct Debit Instructions, you will not need to sign up your customers again.

Do we have to notify our customers of a change?

In most instances, you will need to send out a Notice of Change (NOC). We can provide a template for this or even send these out on your behalf if you have email addresses for your customers.

Do I need a minimum turnover to qualify for Direct Debit through London & Zurich?

No, we have clients of all sizes from SMEs to large corporations.

If you are in search of a cost-effective and seamless Direct Debit service, speak to one of our experts today on 0121 234 7999, or get in touch here to request more information.

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