London & Zurich 2017 NPS Improves – Far Above Industry Benchmark!

One of the elements we pride ourselves on at London & Zurich is our customer satisfaction. Because of the large role that Direct Debit plays in a business we have to take it seriously as it’s our client’s cashflow we’re dealing with. As such we ensure we stay close to those using our platform daily to find out what they like & most importantly, what we could improve on. As part of this focus, we undertake yearly NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys, firstly to ensure that we meet our clients (and our own) high expectations, but also to take the opportunity to understand what our focuses for the year(s) ahead need to be.

Having received the results of 2017’s NPS survey, we’re really delighted to announce that we have improved once more with a 54, almost double the industry average of 34 (as per the Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2017), and a 29% increase from last year! What does this mean to you?

This score means a number of things to us as a business, the foremost being that we’re improving the levels of satisfaction with our customers. One of our biggest issues with the Direct Collection industry as service very often comes secondary to cost, but when this happens it is the client who often loses out. We have also taken into account the feedback highlighting where we can improve our offering and are pleased to say that a number of projects we’re currently working on will go a long way in doing this. We can’t share these just yet, but the first of the announcements is coming very soon!

Some of Our Favourites

But don’t just take it from us, here are some of the comments our engineers & customer service team were most pleased to see.

“Very friendly staff [at London & Zurich] who are very helpful and knowledgeable about the service they offer.”

“[They’ve] Never let me down.” “Our DD system runs seamlessly with the help of London & Zurich.  It’s an efficient system, easy to operate and we are reaching the point where almost half our annual fees come in via Direct Debit.  Our finances are much easier to plan.  We have already recommended London & Zurich to other SME’s.”

“Excellent customer service – simple as that. I’m sure there are a number of companies that can supply the service – you’ve got a great customer service team.”

“I’ve used the facility [at London & Zurich] for over 10 years and it works simply and seamlessly, well worth the cost to keep on top of my monthly collections. Excellent!”

“Very lovely to deal with and provided my company with a lot of flexibility when we transferred Direct Debits to another company.” Rest assured we’re working hard to ensure that this customer-first approach at London & Zurich continues into 2018 and beyond – if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

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