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At London & Zurich, we believe in offering the best, most transparent service to all of our clients. Direct Debit can seem like a difficult subject to grasp, so we always do our best to educate businesses on how to maximise the benefits of Direct Debit. For this reason, we have created a number of detailed guides, helping you to understand some of the more troublesome aspects of the Bacs system. Our new guides include.

Direct Debit Glossary

A detailed description of some of the key terms involved in Direct Debit management. Direct Debit Glossary Read the guide here.

How to Take Payments

An overview of the process involved in businesses collecting payments. How to Take Direct Debit Payments Read the guide here.

Standing Order vs Direct Debit

A comparison of Standing Orders and Direct Debits, the two most popular methods of automated payments. Standing Order Vs Direct Debit Read the guide here.

Direct Debit Service User Numbers

A beginners guide to Direct Debit Service User Numbers, detailing the role that they play in Direct Debit payments. Direct Debit SUN Read the guide here.

Direct Debit Mandates

A beginners guide to Direct Debit Mandates, the authorisation for payments to be collected for customers in the future. Direct Debit Mandates Read the guide here.

SEPA Direct Debits

A guide to Direct Debit payments transacted in the Euro zone, also known as SEPA Direct Debits. Beginners Guide to SEPA Direct Debit Read the guide here.

Direct Debit Bureau

A guide to third party facilities that can help businesses collect Direct Debit payments. What is a Direct Debit Bureau? Read the guide here.

What is a Direct Debit?

A full guide to what a Direct Debit actually is. Covering the advantages, drawbacks and all of the technical details regarding the service. This is the comprehensive guide to Direct Debits. What is Direct Debit? Read the guide here.

If you would like to discuss Direct Debit for your business, get in touch with London & Zurich today, you can call us on 0121 418 5374 or use our contact form.

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