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Direct Debit is a simple, cost effective solution to the problem of getting paid on time. Here’s how we can help:

Spend less, collect more

Our easy to use portal makes collecting Direct Debit payments easier, cheaper and faster, with powerful tools including our reporting suite and bulk upload functions.

What is Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit collection is an arrangement made with a bank that allows a third party (London & Zurich) to transfer funds from a customer’s account on an agreed date or ongoing schedule.

The benefits are that you can receive regular payments from your customers, saving everyone time and hassle. Moving to Direct Debit could mean you never have to chase another late payment again.

If you want control over your regular payment collections, and therefore your cash flow, then Direct Debit is the answer.

The benefits of choosing London & Zurich:

Powerful Direct Debit portal

Easily amend payments, check customer details, and get reports to understand your cash flow

Competitive pricing

We will amend your package as your business grows to make sure it stays competitive

Automatic Bacs compliance

Our software sends welcome letters and advance notices to ensure you’re always Bacs compliant

Customised Service User Number

An SUN appears on your customer’s bank statements, so they know exactly who they’re paying

More ways to manage DD

You can manage your transactions through our secure online portal, file uploads, or an API

Personal customer service

We believe having a real person to talk to is always best, and make sure someone is always available to help

4 steps for a fast Direct Debit setup:


Contact us for a quote and a consultation


We create your account and assign a Service User Number


Access training on our Direct Debits portal


Start signing up your customers and collecting payments

How do I apply?

Sales people are here to assist your move to Direct Debits. Complete our pricing form to get an instant quote, and a follow up from a real person – no robots involved!

We’ll help you get on with what you do best – running your business and providing your service – knowing that payments will arrive exactly when they should.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a SUN, then payments are instantaneous, direct to your bank account. If we are managing your transactions with a SUN through our system then the money will be in your account after two days. We have led the field in reducing processing time.
Yes, the beauty of the system is that if you need to adjust payment amounts then it is easy and straightforward to do so through our online portal. For example, if you had a customer recently sign up for a course, you might take a larger initial payment to cover registration, and then a series of smaller monthly payments. Or if you run a spa, monthly debit payments might vary according to what they had spent on account at the bar or on added extras.
We are one of the few companies willing and able to facilitate Direct Debits of over £3,000. If you need to set up regular large transactions, then please contact our friendly and helpful support team who will walk you through the process and make sure you don’t have any problems.
If you have been turned down for a SUN, or found the application process too exhaustive and slow, we can arrange a SUN for you to use. It means that we are in effect sponsoring you rather than a bank, and monies must go through our account before being transferred to yours, but this will enable you to take Direct Debit payments for the convenience of your customers and your cash flow.
Yes, our offices and all our servers are based in UK locations, covered by UK regulations and compliant with the highest levels of security.
Yes, as we provide a bespoke service, we can also make sure that the transactions with your business are branded with the name of your business, not your payment service provider.