Collecting large recurring sums at scale requires a lot of time and resources. More and more nursery business owners are approaching us about streamlining their collections process, freeing them up to spend time where it’s really needed.

Our Direct Debit and card payment platforms allow you to accept payments to suit your business. We have productive relationships with a range of nurseries using our software to bring faster, easier collections and improved cash flow.

The best time to collect payment is as soon as your clients’ funding is available. Our service enables you and your customer to manage fees smoothly.

How We Work With You

With the UK opening up more and more as coronavirus restrictions ease, we’re seeing that working parents now need to use child care facilities again, as well as after-school clubs, nurseries and childminding services. Each of these businesses can benefit from a versatile and efficient Direct Debit and card payment system.

You’ll need to arrange regular recurring payments for standard services, but also have the ability to vary your collection amounts as your fees and services change. You may need to add extra charges or your amounts may vary according to the season or term times.

Customer service is a big priority for us, and we tailor our solution specifically to your requirements. No two businesses are the same, and we’ll go over your needs to see exactly how we can bring benefits to your operation. Our efficient software gives you great functionality and access to data, and we’ll provide you with training and support to get the most out of it.