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What is the OSU form?

Our new Online Sign Up form offers the simplest, fastest and most effective method of getting new customers signed up to your Direct Direct payments scheme. Instead of setting up over the phone or by post, you can send a link for customers to complete it online.

This form can also be customised with your logo and theme, and embedded into your website to simplify your customer journey.

Access to the Online Sign Up form costs £4.99 per month. It’s easy to set up – to get started click here

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The OSU form makes it easy to set up new Direct Debit customers. Just send your customers the form (left), and when they complete it they're automatically added to your Direct Debits portal.

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It’s easy to get set up. Just complete our form and the OSU form will be added to your account.

To complete the form and start using the OSU form, click here.