Scheduling Payment Collections Over Christmas

With the festive season fast approaching, the last thing you want is any stress or unexpected situations when it comes to collecting Direct Debit payments from customers.

Public holidays are a recurring feature during the festive period, so looking ahead is essential to ensure there is limited disruption to your payment schedules. To make sure your cash flow is uninterrupted over Christmas and the New Year, take note of the dates that Bacs won’t be processing payments.

The Bacs processing calendar for Christmas and New Year 2019/20

Collection DateProcessing DateLatest Submission Date
24th December 201923rd December 201920th December 2019
27th December 201924th December 201923rd December 2019
30th December 201927th December 201924th December 2019
31st December 201930th December 201927th December 2019
2nd January 202031st December 201930th December 2019
3rd January 20202nd January 202031st December 2019
6th January 20203rd January 20202nd January 2020

To make sure you don’t get caught out, follow our Bacs processing tips:

Tips for Bacs processing and collection

  • Inform all staff who work with payment collections are conscious of the Bacs processing calendar dates.

  • Payment files can be submitted up to 30 days before the processing date, and make sure you are of the Advice of Wrong Account for Credit Service (AWACS) and Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS).

  • Bacs payment submissions need to be reviewed frequently.

A reminder of the requirement to give advance notice

You have an obligation to inform your customers before submitting a payment to be collected by Direct Debit, as this could be missed during the Christmas period. By default you need to allow ten working days’ advance notice. However, an agreement with the customer or your bank can reduce this.

Exceptions to the advance notice rule include:

  • Fixed payment schedules – When the date and amount of the regular payment that will be collected has already been agreed with the customer.

  • Explicitly authorised payments – When a single payment to be taken immediately has already been authorised by the customer.

Payment support when you need it

With the exception of Bank Holidays, the team at London & Zurich is on hand over the festive period to deal with any payment enquiries you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our opening hours over Christmas and New Year are as below:

24th December 2019 (Closed at Noon)

25th December 2019 (Closed)

26th December 2019 (Closed)

27th December 2019 (Closed at Noon)

30th December 2019 (Closed at Noon)

31th December 2019 (Closed at Noon)

1st January 2020 (Closed)

Collections falling over the Christmas period will be processed as below. These dates allow for the banking system’s non-input and non-processing days.

Collection DateTransfer Date
19th December 201927th December 2019
20th December 201930th December 2019
23rd December 201931st December 2019
24th December 20192nd January 2020
27th December 20193rd January 2020
30th December 20196th January 2020
31st December 20197th January 2020

From everyone here at London & Zurich, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

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