Marketing agencies manage payments on both a retainer and an ad hoc basis. From paying upfront amounts for press coverage to being billed monthly for digital advertising, marketing agencies need to be flexible with how they manage variable amounts month-on-month.

At London & Zurich, we have experience of working closely with marketing agencies and have developed a deep understanding of the processes and challenges that face the sector. Regardless of the type of collections that businesses need to make, our Direct Debit and card payment facilities will create faster, easier collections and improved cash flow.

Variability and flexibility of payments is key for marketing agencies who collect on both an ad hoc and retainer basis, Direct Debit offers this flexibility.

How We Work With You

In order to support the cash flow challenges that the marketing sector face, London & Zurich offer a faster payments service, designed to help agencies and other businesses run as smoothly as possible, without the worry of the efficiency and speed of payments. As cash flow is a crucial part of your business, this tool is invaluable as payments can be up to two times faster, and clients can receive their funds only two days after collection.

Whilst managing cash flow is an ongoing challenge, marketing agencies also need to consider how they manage growth, both of their own business and those of their clients. Successful businesses naturally grow their marketing budgets to support and enable their overall growth. Our scalable service means we grow with your requirements and always have the capacity to manage your transactions.

Security is paramount for marketing agencies, as holding important client information is all part of running a multi-channel marketing campaign. London & Zurich offers agencies peace of mind, operating a system of fully secured, ring-fenced client accounts. This ensures that your data will be protected from any outside interference.

To review our services designed specifically for the marketing sector, contact us to arrange an in-depth consultation about our system and the positive effects it can have on your business.


Tailored systems

No two organisations are alike, and we will make sure our software and facilities fit perfectly with your systems and suit your needs.


Larger one-off payments

Many payment facilitators place a low upper limit on the maximum transaction value. We can work with you to allow larger payments for individual transactions.


Scalability of service

As the volume of transactions increases, so can our capacity to manage them. Our servers and software are at the cutting-edge of our sector.



We operate a secure portal, firewall, ring-fenced accounts, UK-based dual locator servers, and of course physical precautions at our offices.

It's never been easier

Setting up payment services through London & Zurich means that as well as getting paid quickly and on time, you enjoy all the other benefits of our service.

All your data and transactions will be safe thanks to our security measures – a secure portal, firewall, segregation of SUNs and funds, UK-based dual-located servers and of course physical precautions at our offices.

We are a Bacs Approved Bureau, FCA accredited, and are consultants at the Bacs affiliated meetings. We are happy to be involved in decision making and policy development in the payment gateway industry, and accordingly we take our obligations very seriously.

Your questions, problems and concerns matter to us, and we place a lot of weight on our personal approach to customer service. The smooth running of your payment collections is our priority; we want to help make your business better and welcome your feedback. Building great relationships with our client is important, and we’re always at the end of the phone.

It’s never been easier to set up with London & Zurich. Talk to our friendly support team today and let us know what you need.

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