Top 6 Skills Every Employee Should Have

While it would be a naive individual who suggests that employers across all sectors can follow a consistent model of what they require from an employee, there are some basic skills that employees should consider fundamental. Whilst some of the 6 skills listed may seem simplistic, employees should recognise their responsibility in ensuring they confidently meet each of the following prerequisites.


411196422_82a530e502_o Whether with peers and colleagues or clients, everyone has to be a confident communicator going into a professional environment, and this encompasses both written and verbal communication. There isn’t a role in the world in which an employee won’t have to communicate in some manner with an associate, and the expectation of competent communication skills is something all employees and potential employees should envisage as vital to their professional success.

Computer Skills

EDITED The time of acceptable technophobia is gone and companies now expect as a standard, employees to be competent in at least the basics of IT, including word processing, spreadsheets and presentation creation. In an age that is very much digital-centric, this is a very simplistic prerequisite , and one that is inexcusable to ignore.

Team Work

2621279047_01df4a0caa_o All employees must consider themselves an important part of a bigger organisation, and no matter what job they have, it remains physically impossible to do it alone. Employees have to be able to communicate with their colleagues and peers, accepting that people have different ideas and methods, whilst forming lasting, working relationships that will act as beneficial to the organisation as a whole.

Customer Service

Customer Service Think Tank hosted by Dell At a very basic level, all employees should take the responsibility of providing good customer service, regardless of the skill level of the service required for the role in question. This refers back to communication, in that a confident level of communication is imperative to providing customer service, but this stretches beyond that prerequisite into a focus on the customers needs, above one’s own.


Screenshot at Oct 29 08-47-48 Within any role, organisation is vital to success. There is no secret trick to organisation, we all work differently, but it is key for employees to find the process that works best for producing their best work. An unorganised person will come unstuck, no matter how hard they work.

Willingness to Learn

Screenshot at Oct 29 08-46-19 In any new role, a learning process is going to be encountered. Whether a new skill set, or a new process, the expectation on employees to be able and willing to learn is vital. Failure or unwillingness to learn is ultimately fighting against an existing establishment of values, ideals and methods, so it is a beneficial trait to possess. From an individualistic point of view in terms of continued development, a consistent willingness to learn will result in the best opportunities for the best individuals. Do you possess all these vital skills? Can you think of any other skills which might be fundamental to employees? Let us know in the comments below.

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