What is AUDDIS? | AUDDIS Explained

What is AUDDIS?

AUDDIS, the Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service, is a service from Bacs which enables your organisation to set up new Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to your payers’ banks electronically.

AUDDIS provides a number of benefits for service users, customers and banks alike.


Benefits for the Service User

  • Cost savings: with set up electronically, money is saved on both paper and postage as well as employee time
  • Validation: AUDDIS enables details communicated in error to be identified and corrected to avoid delays and costly errors.
  • Time : funds are set up, approved and processed quicker and easier.
  • Reduction in errors: errors are reduced through a reduction of manual processes, delivering great customer service. Processing and communication is more accurate with a mandatory reference
  • Reduced risk: Risk is significantly reduced as a result of the fore-mentioned benefits


Benefits for the banks:

  • Time is of the essence: time is saved across the process with the removal of manual tasks, paper processing and postage.
  • Minimal errors: less human intervention reduces errors and improves processing accuracy.
  • Paperless: tracking of direct debit processing, payments and claims is made more efficient with electronic processing.


Consumer Benefits

Experience is everything when a customer chooses a business or product. The benefits AUDDIS delivery for customers means their first experience of your company is smooth, reliable and fast. Paperwork is removed, lack of errors improves efficiency and customer service is at its best.


What are AUDDIS Reports?

AUDDIS reports are notifications of failed Direct debits and the reasons behind that failure.

The reports are run when a Direct Debit has been requested from the Service User to Bacs and includes any Direct Debit instructions that have been rejected. Usually these would be available the day after the instruction has been raised.

AUDDIS reports contain a ‘reason code’ which provides the service user with the reason why the Direct Debit instruction has been rejected. The Service User will then be able to take the appropriate action.

An AUDDIS report would usually include details of the service user number, Bacs reference, payers details and the reason code for the rejection.

In order to use AUDDIS, its important you have the correct internal systems and back end software. A request is made to the service users bank. Standard checks will then be made by the bank and approval given if everything meets the standards.


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