Workers Want Investment in Mobile Tech to Boost Productivity


Research conducted by Source for Consulting has revealed that 62% of British employees at mid-sized businesses are keen for their employer to invest more heavily in mobile technology and back-office systems to support a more mobile style of working. These investments, respondents believed, would significantly improve their productivity both in the office and on the move.

The study revealed that the majority of staff at these medium-sized businesses did not feel that their professional mobile needs were being met by their company, having a knock-on impact on how productive the business could be. The research, which looked at more than 160 UK companies, found that:

  • Just 7% of finance staff have mobile access to data about customers and suppliers
  • A meagre 9% of finance staff have mobile access to data and metrics on KPIs
  • A slightly better 20% of HR staff can work with HR systems via smartphone

This less-than-connected picture demonstrates a huge gulf between the mobile technology and accessibility staff want, and the systems available to them. When asked:

  • 44% wanted mobile connectivity which would allow them to approve expenses on the go
  • 56% wanted to be able to submit holiday requests via smartphone
  • 50% wanted to be able to report absences via smartphone

Why go mobile?

A more connected workplace is a surefire recipe for enhanced productivity. Staff can keep working on the move and access files and tools from home, helping you to squeeze the absolute most from your workforce.

And, with many medium-sized businesses clearly on the backfoot with this technology, getting ahead with good back-office systems, cloud computing and better support for mobile working could help you edge ahead of your competitors.

The drawbacks

Security, of course, is a big concern for many businesses. With data available via mobile, your information does become more vulnerable without the appropriate security in place.

Maintenance and training can also be a financial worry, with some investment required to get a strong, stable, secure and usable system up and running. However, with cloud computing becoming increasingly popular and prevalent, the costs are coming down and staff are increasingly comfortable with this type of technology.

Invest wisely, with a strong IT support provider, and this could be your route to greater productivity, more flexibility and a forward-facing system.

How mobile ready is your company? Are you keen to make your business more productive with better connectivity? Perhaps you think investing in mobile accessibility is a waste of money? Share your experiences and your opinions with our readers below.

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