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How to add customers

We show you how to add new customers, individually and via uploads

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How to add individual collections manually

We show you how to set collections for your customers one at a time

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How to upload individual Collections

We show you how to upload individual collections for large numbers of customers at once

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How to upload Collection Schedules

We show you how to upload collection schedules for large numbers of customers in bulk

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How to use the Summary of Payment report

We show you how to use one of the most versatile reports in the new portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is so London & Zurich can issue to your customers via email the BACS compliance documentation – Confirmation Email and Advance Notice.
Confirmation Email – Confirming a Direct Debit has been set up by L&Z on behalf or yourselves. Advance Notice – Confirming the amount, date and regularity of the payment and this will also state your office number and email address should your customer wish to contact yourselves.
The BACS regulated email will not been sent, L&Z will receive an undeliverable report and we will contact you to update the system and re issue the email. A template letter will be provided for you to issue to your client.
Paperless Direct Debit Service is where you can obtain customer bank details via the phone, face to face or via the internet and apply them to our system without having a signed DD mandate form. (However, we do provide a DD mandate to our clients as we recommend that a DD mandate is signed by each customer that will be collected, so this should help protect you against indemnity claims).
No, unfortunately you will not be able to do this. To adjust an amount or date of an existing direct debit it will need to be cancelled and a new collection schedule applied. Please ensure any cancellation of the collection schedule(s) are done at least 3 working days before collection is due to occur.
If a collection file has been submitted in error or a mistake has occurred, if London & Zurich have not processed the file you are able to call into the office and you can request that the file be deleted.
When a collection file has been submitted, on the customer(s) account a one off collection schedule would have been created. You can cancel an individual collection schedule if it has only been through the pre process and ONLY whilst in this status. You can obtain and action this information from the individual customer(s) account.
Check with any other users of the DD portal in your business if they have supervisor access, if so they can re set your password by going to User Admin and amending your password. If there is no one within the business with supervisor access please contact London & Zurich to request a new password.
L&Z Re Your company Name or approved SUN i.e. L&Z Re Paper Tree Ltd.
Your customer(s) may have been in contact with their bank and possibly cancelled the direct debit or a change has been made to their bank account. Please check “Account History” on your customer(s) account, this will provide you with the reason why and the recommended action to take.
Go to the customer account, click on the “Edit customer details” tab. Click reinstate customer, provide reason of reinstate, click yes. This will then be reactivated with immediate effect.
Go to the Sidebar and within the reports section go to “Payments” apply the date range required this will then list the collection date, the scheduled collection amount, failed payment(s) amount (if applicable) and the actual payment amount due to be credited to your nominated bank account.
If you have our faster payment module you will receive credit of funds to your nominated bank account 2 working days post collection. If you do not have our faster payment module you will receive credit of funds in your nominated bank account 4 working days post collection.
Bacs will advise London & Zurich up to 36 hours post collection.
Go to the Sidebar and in the reports section go to “Failed collections” enter the date range required. This will generate a report of all failed collections within the specified date range. This information can also be obtained in the Account History of the customer(s) account, if looking for an individual failure.
No, once a reference has been added to the portal against a customer this cannot be changed as this will be lodged against the customers bank account. If added to the portal incorrectly, you can correct by suspending the original account and generating a new customer account with a new unique reference.
No, the system will only allow 1 email address to be applied to your account. If you have a generic email address where more than 1 person(s) will receive in your business please contact [email protected] and we will update the system.
Cancellation must occur at least 3 working days before the collection is scheduled to take place. If you require
No, only in Stirling and from UK bank accounts.
Yes, please contact the office on 0121 2347999 where we would be happy to assist in your enquiry.
Please contact [email protected], you will then be issued with the relevant forms for completion to implement the bank change.
Yes, you can collect multiple direct debits from your customers account. Please be aware that you are unable to collect the same amount from the same customer account reference on the same day.
No, London & Zurich do not re-present failed direct debits. You can set up a one-off collection schedule to recover any missed months payments if required.

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